Personal storytelling with video

STBY recently produced a series of films for a major telecoms firm, documenting the ‘solutions’ people improvise to a range of situations in their everyday lives. These films are to be used in the fims’s internal ideation and design processes, where they allow various departments to connect with the lives of consumers.

Remote services for older people

For a consortium of public sector organisations in The Netherlands STBY is working on a user-driven innovation proces aiming to develop new remote services that support older people to live independently at home. Moving to a retirement home is not something most older people are looking forward to. Luckily nowadays, it is possible to get a lot of care and support at home. Remote services have a potential to offer people a maximum of flexibility and independence. In every stage of this project people from the target group, older people and their carers, have been involved in order make sure the team works with their perspective firmly in mind.

Helping parents to advise and support

Building on the results of a previous study, STBY were asked by DUO/IB-Groep in the Netherlands to examine the ways in which parents support their children once they enter higher education. DUO/IB-Groep wanted to explore the needs of parents for services specifically tailored to them.

Service Experience Lab on mobile internet

Together with the Creation Centre of T-Labs (part of Deutsche Telekom in Berlin) STBY organised and facilitated a Service Experience Lab in London. In a full day programme product managers from T-Mobile's British and German teams interacted with a group of consumers and discussed ideas for the next step in mobile internet services.

User-Centered Design across development stages

For the University of Amsterdam STBY facilitated a series of workshops with students, lecturers and system operators to inform the iterative development of its new Electronic Learning System (ELO).

User-led service opportunities for Sony

In close collaboration with Radarstation, STBY conducted a qualitative consumer research for Sony, exploring opportunities for new service concepts beyond their traditional market.

Urban Creatives: young and switched on

For Bigga Fish and BANG Radio we set up and managed a youth study in London with an experimental approach. We first trained and coached a panel of 5 young researchers in conducting interviews with innercity urban creatives, and then facilitated them in drawing out the main insights and conclusions. Both the researchers and the interviewees aged between 17 to 25.

Follow-up study for T-Mobile

Following on a previous study for T-Mobile in April, we worked with the client team again in June to test the ideas for new mobile internet services that were developed in response to the results of the first exploratory research. The aim of the second, follow-up research project was to explore if the service concepts are indeed attractive and relevant to the lives of a new group of research participants, and also to further elaborate on the service concepts together with the participants.

Support services for independent living

For a consortium of organisations in The Netherlands (primary health care, housing associations and local government) STBY and Waag Society conducted a study to identify the needs among older people for new services supporting independent living at home.