The ethnographic interview: preparing clients to be observers

It’s important to prepare client-observers who have no previous experience with these kinds of interviews, to let them know what to expect, and to avoid pitfalls that can diminish the quality of the research process and results. Here are some guidelines researchers can share and discuss beforehand in order to ensure the process is equally fruitful for researcher and observer.

Enhancing training with coaching

Over the past years we have increasingly been asked to support client organisations with their internal capacity building for service innovation. Our vast experience…

Making bicycle parking easier and faster

STBY helped the city of Amsterdam and Dutch Rail to make the use of indoor bicycle parking facilities more efficient and convenient through the use of new technology.…

The Future of Retail

What makes for an enjoyable and unique shopping experience?

As more consumers expect retail experiences that somehow go ‘beyond buying’ to offer a unique, personalised,…

Family Oriented Services

STBY has recently completed a design research project for an international communications company focusing on family oriented services.

Successful family oriented…

An Innovation Atelier for ZuidZorg

Health care organisation ZuidZorg has 50,000 clients in the Eindhoven surroundings and almost 4000 employees. They provide care to newly borns and young families,…

Stakeholder Research in Food & Retail for Ahold

In collaboration with LBi Lost Boys, STBY recently conducted a stakeholder research for Ahold, the international retailing group that owns large consumer brands such as Albert Heijn, Etos, Stop&Shop and Giant.

Living Well in Cornwall

STBY were asked by Dott Cornwall - a Design Council body who promote design-led solutions to economic and social problems - to investigate what could be done to support sustainable living in Cornwall. The project initially focused on whether a new ‘Centre for Sustainable Living’ was needed in order to support the transition to sustainability throughout the region.

Services to support complex decision making

In collaboration with Broca & Wernicke, STBY investigated the complex decision making processes within hospitals on the application of surgical treatments. We interviewed people throughout the organisation, from surgeons to medical support staff and financial and operational managers. We found that people's rationale for the availability and application of specific treatments can differ considerably, depending on the agenda and responsibilities that come with their position. Where medical effectivity and patient comfort is the ultimate driving force for some, costs and operational efficiency can be just as important for others.

Heartlands storytelling workshop

We organised a storytelling workshop for Heartlands in Pool. The last in a series of co-creative workshops to inform and inspire the design teams of this regeneration project around an old tin mine.


For the Dutch Institute for Multicultural Development FORUM, a highly acclaimed knowledge base on diversity, we have completed a two-step research project informing the evaluation and innovation of their service delivery. We interviewed a wide sample of their targetmarket across The Netherlands