Family Oriented Services

STBY has recently completed a design research project for an international communications company focusing on family oriented services.

Successful family oriented…

Finding global common ground in telecoms

Do different people in different companies have the same conversations? Is the language people use influenced by context, culture, technology - or even a mixture of all three?

Testing Telekom’s Service Prototypes

One of the things we do here at STBY is provide long-term support for the development of new services. This often means conducting several projects for the same client,…

Telecom firms use films to match customer needs

A major telecoms firm commissioned STBY to work together on a series of projects that enabled them to gradually align their research and development processes around principles of design research. The latest of these projects saw STBY prepare and facilitate a collaborative alignment workshop focused on the consumer solutions videos produced by STBY for the company in early 2010.

Personal storytelling with video

STBY recently produced a series of films for a major telecoms firm, documenting the ‘solutions’ people improvise to a range of situations in their everyday lives. These films are to be used in the fims’s internal ideation and design processes, where they allow various departments to connect with the lives of consumers.

Service Experience Lab on mobile internet

Together with the Creation Centre of T-Labs (part of Deutsche Telekom in Berlin) STBY organised and facilitated a Service Experience Lab in London. In a full day programme product managers from T-Mobile's British and German teams interacted with a group of consumers and discussed ideas for the next step in mobile internet services.