Enhancing training with coaching

Over the past years we have increasingly been asked to support client organisations with their internal capacity building for service innovation. Our vast experience…

Agile Client Immersion Week

STBY recently organized an intensive, one week field trip in London for an international financial services company looking to expand to new markets. The objective…

Agile Design Research for Global Product Launch

Taking an agile and fast paced immersive approach to design research, STBY recently completed a series of quick research iterations exploring innovative payment solutions for the UK and Dutch market.

Helping parents to advise and support

Building on the results of a previous study, STBY were asked by DUO/IB-Groep in the Netherlands to examine the ways in which parents support their children once they enter higher education. DUO/IB-Groep wanted to explore the needs of parents for services specifically tailored to them.

Financial services for young students

For the IB-Groep (the national Dutch body that handles all studentships, student loans and university registrations) we organised a half day workshop to explore and discuss new ideas and concepts for financial services for young students. In their last year at high school and in their first year at university, many of these students are trying to figure out how to manage their personal finance. They have a high need for information and guidance, and they prefer the services of the IB-Groep to be available to them in an integrated way through multiple channels.

IB-Groep: Multi-channel services

The Dutch national body for studentships and other financial services for students, IB-groep, commissioned STBY to investigate how their youngest clients (students in their first year at college) manage their finances. With a team of young interviewers from Spunk//STBY, we visited 20 young students at their homes throughout The Netherlands for an interview.