Playbook : Getting Started with Policy Co-design

Getting Started with Policy Co-design is the result of, and a reflection upon, a specific policy co-design process with the department for Culture in Jalisco, Mexico that took place across 2020-2021. The aim of the project was to define and shape cultural policy recommendations using a co-design approach. In this Playbook, we translate theory to… Continue reading Playbook : Getting Started with Policy Co-design

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Sustainable Development

With sustainability now a top priority in today’s societies and for many organisations, Stby has been involved in many projects devoted to exploring ways in which to respect and honour the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability. Over the years we have worked on tackling these challenges from a variety of perspectives including food… Continue reading Sustainable Development

Journeys in sustainable development

Over the last 20 years, we have worked on 35+ projects tackling challenges related to sustainability from various perspectives – including food sustainability, circular economy, water management, plastic waste reduction, agriculture and climate adaptation, and mobility and transport. Stby has had a long-lasting commitment towards sustainable development, and our work demonstrates this well. Timeline of Stby’s… Continue reading Journeys in sustainable development

Streetlabs: Beyond traditional consultation 

The website ‘Key Enabling Methodologies’ for creative professionals provides an extensive case study of the work Stby has done with the municipality of Amsterdam over the past 8 years. The Straatlab method is central to this. Below is a brief summary introduction, with a link to the complete case study (in Dutch). Thinking together about… Continue reading Streetlabs: Beyond traditional consultation 

The Importance of Humility in Design Research

Attending the Service Design Network SDN conference in Berlin last October, brought us two days of interactive learning, keynote presentations, and networking. We were particularly inspired by a few talks about the importance of humility in design practice. These talks sparked a few reflections within our team that we’d like to share here. Coming into… Continue reading The Importance of Humility in Design Research

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Future societies

From healthcare and social care to local public services and refugee support initiatives, much of STBY’s work has been devoted to supporting changes toward a more inclusive and healthy future society. Growing urban populations, changing lifestyle habits, climate change, ageing societies, people displaced by war, and social exploitation are all placing strains on ill-equipped regulations,… Continue reading Future societies

Future Societies: Two Decades of Exploration

Stby has been supporting changes toward more healthy future societies for 20 years, across projects commissioned by clients, developed in collaboration with partners, and initiated by Stby itself. As we celebrate this anniversary, we are excited to introduce a special series of 6 posters. Each of them express a unique facet of design research that… Continue reading Future Societies: Two Decades of Exploration

Intelligent systems

Our work in the area of smart technology has evolved with ongoing trends and developments in the industry. As early as 2008 we were conducting research on emerging uses of personal ecosystems of smart devices. When ‘the cloud’ emerged as a bridge between devices (in 2010), we investigated people’s needs, concerns and understanding to inform… Continue reading Intelligent systems

20 Years of exploring Intelligent Systems

Stby has been doing foundational design research around emerging technologies since 2003, when the company was founded. At that time, coming into the 2000s, digital and non-digital worlds were colliding…

Reflections on AI development from CogX Festival

We recently attended CogX Festival’s AI & DeepTech Summit 2023, the world’s leading festival of inspiration, impact, and transformational change at The O2 London. Here’s a summary of what we heard.

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Global design research with cultural sensitivity

Understanding how streaming media content creation is done around the world For one of our international clients, we carried out a foundational study to create knowledge on the evolving practices of media creation for online streaming around the world. The aim for this qualitative research was to investigate to what extent our client’s strategies and… Continue reading Global design research with cultural sensitivity

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