The Internet of Things seminar, 4 June in Eindhoven

On the 4th of June, the international seminar ‘Internet of Things’ is being held in Eindhoven at the High Tech Campus on the topic of ‘Smart Cities’, where Bas from STBY will be presenting a talk on the human side to networked devices in an urban context.

Service Design Workout #4

On the 19th of June, join us in Utrecht (The Netherlands) along with Geke and Marie from STBY and Marc de Droog from the Bureau Integriteit to discuss whether and how service design can help provide directions when faced with complex business dilemmas.

Geke & Marie speak at the SD Global Conference 2013

Geke and Marie will talk about how a service design approach is used to support the clients during their journeys of gradual change at the Service Design conference takes place in Cardiff (Wales) on 18th-20th November.