REBOOT IoT is a book about trust and hope in relation to technology. Stby was part of the co-authoring team, and also did the final copy editing. This book is one of the final results of a 4 year EU-funded design research project by a consortium of partners from academia and industry.

Every aspect of our modern-day lives seems entwined with the internet and connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT); our bodies, our homes, our communities, our cities and our societies at large. However, the initial optimism about IoT has gradually become coupled with questions around “Is it safe?”, “How open is it?”, “Who is welcome?”, “Who can succeed?”, and “Who controls it?”. The relationship between the internet and things has been increasingly obscured. This raises the need to bring policy and internet advocacy into the core of technology and IoT. 

Now that we’ve seen a few years of IoT playing out, more openness and a plurality seem increasingly important. The challenge now is about investing in community-focused alternatives. This book brings together local stories of tech tinkering, imagination, and agency. It offers a springboard for tech activists, change makers, creatives and policy makers to reimagine a world where IoT encourages people to prosper economically, culturally, socially, environmentally, and locally. Rather than trying to bring trust and hope into the existing ecosystem of the Internet of Things, we suggest: Let’s start again. Let’s do things in a more hopeful way. 

Let’s reboot IoT. Let’s regain trust. Let’s refresh hope.

ISBN 9781861355133
Editors: Jon Rogers & Michelle Thorne

Contributors: Georgia Bullen (Superbloom), Geke van Dijk (Stby), Ame Elliott (Superbloom), Babitha George (Quicksand), Davide Gomba (Officine Innesto), Mehan Jayasuriya (Mozilla Foundation), Solana Larsen (Mozilla), Kasia Odrozek (Mozilla), Irini Papadimitriou (FutureEverything), Bas Raijmakers (Stby), Jon Rogers (Northumbria School of Design), Michelle Thorne *Mozilla Foundation)