A handbook for better public civic collaboration

In 2022, Waag Futurelab and Stby teamed up for a collaborative research project to explore the requirements for sustainable cooperation between citizen collectives and government, with a focus on mutual value creation. Our aim was to gain insights from innovative collaborations between government and social initiatives, drawing on the extensive expertise of Frame Innovation.

The project spanned 18 months and produced a series of valuable insights as well as a compilation of 15 tools, which are presented in a handbook for public civic collaboration. Developed by Stby and Waag FutureLab, the handbook is designed for individuals and organizations interested in innovative methods to enhance public civic partnerships. You can access the handbook by clicking the link provided below.

For more details about the project read this project description.

You can download a copy of the handbook here.

This handbook offers inspiration and support to those in the search for a new perspective on public civic collaborations by providing practical tools to shape and improve such collaborations