Design and Covid-19: From Reaction to Resilience

The book Design and Covid-19: From Reaction to Resilience, presents key examples and case studies of how design has responded to the pandemic, and offers lessons and approaches to design for future resilience.

Design has a key role to play in not only creating products to ensure safety from the pandemic, but also in the creation of complex systems, new technologies and physical environments that enable us to carry out our lives. Design also demonstrated it can help governments and organisations to protect populations in the future. The book Design and COVID-19 identifies four key phases of the pandemic to examine how designers developed systems, services, communications and products as part of our response to the crisis, whether at an international, national or community level.

Stby contributed by sharing a compelling case study detailing one of our key responses to the pandemic in 2020/21. Chapter 11, titled ‘Moving with the Music: Co-designing Jalisco’s Post-Pandemic Cultural Policy Through Orchestration’ presents a collaborative effort of Stby and partners such as the British Council Mexico, the State of Jalisco (MX) Aura, Birds of Paradise, and UK advisors from policy design and Design Council. Together, we embarked on an ambitious project aimed at fostering a more open and accessible cultural policy-making process with the cultural sector in 2020-pandemic Mexico. At the time, the cultural sector was brought to a standstill because of COVID-19, resulting in huge uncertainties for cultural workers and artists. The entire project was online, with exceptional attention to making participation inclusive.

Design and Covid-19: From Reaction to Resilience, edited by  Louise Mullagh and Rachel Cooper can be ordered via Bloomsbury.