Unpacking 20 years of design research

To celebrate reaching our twenty-year milestone, the Stby team took a look back at six recurring and essential themes in our work. We seized this occasion as an opportunity to jointly reflect not only on how these themes evolved over the years, but also on how we contributed to these developments. This has been a rewarding and inspiring exercise for ourselves, and also resulted in six great pieces of creative work that we were happy to share with our wider networks. 

For each theme, we first looked back at the extensive archive of projects we worked on throughout the years, and identified a few aspects that illustrate the evolution of each theme over time, as well as the key activities, roles and values that we established through our design research. We then conducted interviews with various people from our network of clients and partners. These interviews helped us to better understand the perspectives of various stakeholders involved and to iterate our initial digest and expression of the themes.

The final result of these efforts is a range of creative outputs wherein we share our thoughts and learnings on the topics. We have been posting about the individual results for each of the themes on our social media accounts over the past few weeks. This post is to bring them all together and make them more easily accessible. Our very own Stby Wrapped 😉

Future Societies 

A set of 6 posters illustrating unique facets of design research cultivated through our work around societal challenges.

Read more here and download the posters

Sustainable Development

A visual timeline describing sustainable transitions we have observed, experienced and contributed to over the years.

Read more here and access the interactive timeline

Intelligent Systems 

A board game expressing how early, foundational research on emerging technologies supports meaningful digitalisation.

Read more here and take a look at the board game

International Reach

A series of 3 video compilations reflecting on the value of including local perspectives in global design research.

Read more here and watch the videos

Agile Collaboration 

A podcast with personal accounts on 2 of the 5 collaboration roles that nurture lasting and trusting partnerships.

Read more here and listen to the podcast

Embedded Innovation 

An interactive narrative on helping client teams to create environments that encourage new, and different ways of working.

Read more here and access the interactive narrative