Sustainable Development

With sustainability now a top priority in today’s societies and for many organisations, Stby has been involved in many projects devoted to exploring ways in which to respect and honour the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

Over the years we have worked on tackling these challenges from a variety of perspectives including food sustainability, the circular economy, water management, plastic waste reduction, agriculture and climate adaptation, to name a few.

As these issues are often broad and deeply intertwined, we have developed close collaborations with public institutions, non-profits, and universities with aligned values. Together with these partners, we unpack the complexity of these problems and highlight the rich, human stories that inspire much-needed behavioural, political and systemic change to normalise sustainable development.

20 years of commitment to sustainable development

Over the last 20 years, Stby has worked on 35+ projects tackling challenges related to sustainability from various perspectives. We have had a long-lasting commitment towards sustainable development, and our work demonstrates this well.

To mark our anniversary, we created a timeline of our journey through sustainable development, describing where we have come from, and where we expect to be going.

Read more about this and look at the map in detail here.

Some examples of projects we’ve worked on:

Initiating a circular design movement

Plants, protein and plastic: sustainability in food

Compiling global design briefs for the climate

Farmers’ perspectives on water and soil management

Changing the role of plastic in our daily lives

How to better support ‘green living’?