Intelligent systems

Our work in the area of smart technology has evolved with ongoing trends and developments in the industry. As early as 2008 we were conducting research on emerging uses of personal ecosystems of smart devices. When ‘the cloud’ emerged as a bridge between devices (in 2010), we investigated people’s needs, concerns and understanding to inform the development of relevant services. And when wearables started to appear (around 2013), we contributed to the early wave of explorations on how and why this could be part of people’s everyday lives. Over the years the Internet of Things has also been a recurring topic in our work.

In the last few years developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are beginning to have a major impact on how people experience everyday services. So it’s no surprise that we have for been involved for a while already in the discovery and concept development for a range of integrated and intelligent product service systems: from smart energy and mobility networks, workplace productivity software and wearable technology to communication and music streaming services.

These developments pose both opportunities and risks for service providers. Design research has been helpful in not only informing the design of seamless interactions with intelligent systems, but also in exploring and understanding the human values that should manifest in the physical and virtual worlds we are creating and consuming.

20 years of exploring Intelligent Systems

To celebrate reaching our twenty-year milestone, the Stby team took a look back at the Intelligent Systems theme. We collected and analysed all of the relevant client projects, conferences and R&D projects from the last twenty years relevant to this theme.

While sifting through dozens of digital technology-focused projects from 2003-2023, what became clear is how interesting it is that certain technologies keep coming back, with new uses and technological advancements.

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Some examples of projects we’ve worked on:

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