Innovation in Action

Our friend and STBY associate Wietze van der Aa has written a book that we are happy to recommend. The title is ‘Innovation in Action’, and as the title suggests, it provides a lot of practical tips and case studies, in addition to a thorough theoretical framework on Innovation Management.

Wietze has had a long career as a professor in Business Schools in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. From his research on Innovation Management and Enterpreneurship, he is familiar with all the key literature about the classic do’s and don’ts. He has been in the field long enough to look beyond hypes and memes. 

Wietze has taught and supervised numerous graduate students on the topic, of whom many went on to leading innovation teams in industry or founding their own start ups. He has also led various executive courses for professionals. In 2013 Wietze and STBY’s director Geke van Dijk developed the course Design Driven Business Innovation, which they annually delivered for students and executives until 2020. 

This book brings together Wietze’s extensive knowledge and experience on what makes Innovation Management successful and inclusive. It is relevant for everyone involved in innovation processes in organisations. From senior management, to staff and suppliers. From large to small organisations, and from private companies to public sector organisations and NGOs.

At the official launch of the book on 17 September in Rotterdam, Wietze presented the first copy of the book to Geke, and to Paul Muller from Picnic and Paul de Kuyper from Gigstarter. 

The book currently only available in Dutch. It is published by Elikser.