Guiding social and sustainable business decisions

Over the last few decades, a more socially-conscious and sustainably-minded society has been developing. The effects of past and current movements campaigning and fighting for human rights and climate change have been making their way to business leaders, investors and consumers, impacting their decisions and values. We’ve seen this shift in the type of work we do here at STBY. We recently rounded off two corporate projects for clients looking to expand their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) efforts.

Creating a more human and empathetic supply chain

The first client came to us to help them in their quest for building a more humane supply chain. Our role was to help them understand what they would need to do to reach that goal. We spoke with many stakeholders within the company’s social responsibility team to see how they currently go about their job. We also spoke with manufacturing facility owners and employees to hear their experiences and needs. Ultimately, we synthesised these qualitative interviews into insights about where their current workflow is hindering a deeper understanding of manufacturers and how to create more meaningful relationships in the future.

Navigating the new ESG business landscape

The second client we worked with had been noticing the growing trend of companies focusing more on ESG, whether based on company values or legal requirements. This is a new territory for many businesses, and our client wanted to help them navigate this space. We spoke with people working at the forefront of their companies, leading the charge with sustainable and inclusive decisions. We wanted to understand their current workflow and locate their pain points. In the end, we identified multiple places where help could be beneficial to make their jobs easier.

More projects to come…

Both of these back-to-back projects clearly show what companies are thinking of and valuing these days. It’s interesting to see how more and more companies are taking steps to align their operations with the needs and wants of our changing times. We’ve done a lot of work in this space for public sector clients, NGOs and subsidised projects, but we are happy now to also see corporate clients in the arena. This is better for the companies, the consumers and the world as a whole. We hope to help more companies make this transition in the near future.

We are happy to now also see corporate clients in the arena