The Reach School Programme

The Reach School runs classes for designers, researchers and leaders to learn from experienced practitioners about how to be an agent of meaningful change when tackling complex problems.

Created by our Reach Network of design researchers 

Reach is a network of local research practitioners and organisations who collaborate to bring an international perspective to projects, co-founded by STBY. For over 15 years, we have run projects in over thirty countries around the world. We have also published four design research books – often in collaboration with Reach partners – that served as an initial inspiration for the course material.

What you’ll learn

Each session explores a theme or method about working with people in the design of complex systems.

– New professional and personal practices to deal with complexity
– Empathic leadership skills that guide teams through complexity
– Sustainable changes that transform team cultures and project results

The Reach School promotes systems change through a deep understanding  of context and causes while focusing on people and the planet. The sessions aim to improve people’s confidence with complexity and uncertainty, and help teams to work better together and with collaborators. 

Participants will learn about practices around:
– Building rapport
– Trust
– Vulnerability
– Human-centricity
– Creating and holding spaces
– Bringing rituals of creative play into your group culture
– Enable Active Listening to Build Awareness
– Foster Quality Relationships to Enable Contextual Adaptability

Text on image reads: Reach school. If you are working on wicked problems in a complex context or world, we offer you a learning environment where you can strive for meaningful change.

Opening in September 2022

From 8 September 2022 the school will be running 8 sessions, with facilitators from around the world. Bas Raijmakers of STBY will host the sessions, together with Daniel Szuc of Make Meaningful Work in Hong Kong, and Kabir David in India.

1. Building an appetite for understanding external perspectives to empathise more deeply with others – Lekshmy Parameswaran from The Care Lab (Spain & Singapore)
2. Creating a shared sense of direction – Bas Raijmakers form STBY (UK & Netherlands) and Dan Szuc from Apogee (China)
3. Making a plan that stays open to unanticipated possibilities – José de la O (delaO design studio)
4. Cultivating an easefulness in situations that are hard to predict and control, Geke van Dijk from STBY (UK & Netherlands)
5. Broadening perspectives by evaluating and expanding your view of your work, Yvette Kruger from Matchboxology (South Africa)
6. Building rapport, trust and inclusiveness, Kabir David from Quicksand (India)
7. Enabling diversity by connecting to new networks – Rohan Pantakar from Quicksand (India) and Núria Vilarasau from The Care Lab (Spain)
8. Enabling connections between others to build new value and synergies – Marc Rettig from Fit Associates (USA)

For a full programme, see the Reach Network website which also provides a link to Eventbrite for tickets of $40 per session. Each session has two time slots to accommodate every time zone around the world.