Magazine: Natural gas-free living in The Netherlands

The magazine ‘Aardgasvrij wonen’ (Natural gas-free living) presents the results of four related research projects that explored which considerations, issues or themes Dutch residents encounter when it comes to making their homes free from using natural gas. The research was conducted by 4 different agencies, and commissioned by the Dutch independent platform ‘Overlegorgaan Fysieke Leefomgeving’ (Physical Environment Consultative Council ). The joint objective was to find out what the needs and obstacles of residents are on their journey to natural gas-free living, and how others who embark on a similar journey can be better supported. 

STBY was one of the four research agencies involved in the research project, and published this magazine together with Kennisland, Studio Clara and 02025. In this magazine, each agency shares the most important insights from their research, and briefly explains which qualitative research methods have been applied. The research insights are important, because The Netherlands has the ambition to live natural gas-free and energy-neutral by 2050, and from 2021 the government wants 30,000 to 50,000 existing homes to be made gas-free each year. The insights we share in the magazine are relevant for professionals of organizations working on the energy transition. We provide examples of tools that can improve communication and participation of residents in the energy transition. 

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