Supporting Social Enterprises around the world

HIVOS asked STBY to collaborate on the creation of a practical and inspiring Playbook for Social Enterprise Support. In an intensive and co-creative 3-day sprint with a strong international team from HIVOS Hubs, we brought together a wide range of resources from several years of their successful work with social enterprises. In the weeks after the workshop we further developed the format for the playbook and crafted the final content.

Innovating for social change
HIVOS is an international NGO seeking new and creative solutions to persistent global problems. Solutions created by people taking their lives into their own hands. They offer a positive counterbalancing force against discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. Their mission is to innovate for social change. With smart projects in the right places, they work towards more open and green societies.

Tackling societal challenges
Hivos sees social enterprises are ​purpose-driven businesses that tackle societal challenges​. These entrepreneurs aim to promote, encourage and trigger social change by creating financially sustainable solutions. Social enterprises are managed in innovative, resilient, transparent and accountable ways that involve their stakeholders. Hivos supports the growth of these social enterprises, with a focus on creating societal versus private wealth. In addition they also advocate for policies that support scaling these solutions in multi stakeholder platforms. 

Internal resource for inspiration
Hivos has a ​long history and a variety of programs​ that have made a difference for society. The social entrepreneurship playbook is a first attempt to bring these programs together, so that institutional knowledge embodying this rich experience is captured and shared. It will be an internal  ​source of inspiration​ for Hivos staff who support social entrepreneurship that brings about societal change.

Tested and proven methods
The playbook offers inspiring examples as well as tested and  proven methods of how Hivos supports social enterprises around the world. It was a big joy to tap into such a rich repository of case studies and experiences from Costa Rica, Egypt, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and Netherlands. And it was a special joy to create the playbook in such a collaborative way. STBY prepared and facilitated the 3-day co-creation workshop, and then developed a format for the playbook that enabled the team for HIVOS to craft to the contents in a way that is accessible and inspiring for their colleagues around the world.