Pioneers: Thoughts on Global Design Research

We are happy to share our latest publication exploring global design research through STBY’s experience alongside our global network and partners.

As the world becomes increasingly global and interconnected, more organisations must take the local and global into account when thinking about strategy and innovation. This sounds straightforward and sensible, but how do enterprises actually identify, conceptualise and design new products and services amidst the forces of globalisation? Pioneers: Thoughts on Global Design Research explores these questions through a collection of reflections on global design research, co-funded by STBY and Innovate UK, and written in collaboration with partners across the globe. Filled with reflection, stories and insights derived from real-world cases and hands-on project experience, we hope that this publication will spark a conversation among our fellow design researchers around the globe. We also hope to engage those working outside of this field, to consider the benefits of embedding design research in wider global innovation strategy.

You can buy your own digital copy of Pioneers here.

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