Viewfinders: Thoughts on Visual Design Research

We’re very excited to have published Viewfinders: Thoughts on Visual Design Research, exploring the rich potential photography, film and beyond hold for design research. Bas Raijmakers and Samantha Miller co-authored and edited a collection of writing that includes learnings from STBY projects, inspiration from fields such as documentary film, and relevant project examples ranging from speculative design to art photography.

With a special contribution from Goldsmiths’ Interaction Research Studio on ‘Thinking with Pictures’, Viewfinders is a publication not to miss — of interest to those in research, design, innovation, academia, industry and any combination thereof.


Viewfinders was co-funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation Agency. Special thanks to our copyeditor Jim Boekbinder, Hyperkit Graphic Design Studio, Swallowtail Printers, Bill Gaver and Andy Boucher at Goldsmiths’ Interaction Research Studio; the Auto-Cam project team: Danae Papazymouri, Emma van Zoelen and Silvia Podesta; and the rest of the STBY team!

You can purchase a copy (or more!) online here.


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