Guiding a Strategic Innovation Journey

A large multinational supplier for the automotive industry wanted to develop its own way of developing new ambitious propositions for the future. Working with multi-disciplinary teams from their offices around the world (Asia, US and Europe), they were looking to inform their innovation journey with both the analysis of the emerging future trends and new, more disruptive directions beyond their current business domains. A striking request, since it is rather common in the automotive industry that innovation practices are mainly technology-driven.

Summits in Japan, Germany and China
This project was a collaboration between STBY and Summ( )n, both members of the global Reach Network of design research specialists. Together STBY and Summ( )n developed a bespoke program for a ‘strategic innovation journey’, spanning a period of 4 month and including 3 intense and collaborative multi-day summits in Japan, Germany and China.

Generation of new ideas and concepts
The innovation journey included a number of connected steps: joint exploration of possible future developments, in the client’s own industry and beyond; generation of new ideas and concepts that anticipate these future developments, both short and long-term; further elaboration and articulation of these ideas, including their presentations and assessments. STBY and Summ( )n guided the client team through a multi-stage process, that was happening both during the workshops and by using online collaboration platform.

The results of the project are not only tangible concepts and the future scenarios that were co-created during the summits at three different locations, but also significant changes happened in the client team’s awareness and mindset regarding ways of working, practices of collaboration and communication.