DIY Toolkit

Initiated by Nesta and made possible by The Rockefeller Foundation, STBY and Quicksand have curated, edited and designed the DIY Toolkit. DIY stands for ’Development Impact and You’. The toolkit is primarily meant for practitioners in international development, but can be used by anyone who feels they can benefit from it. Since it’s launch in 2013, it has been a runaway success among design and innovation professionals around the globe.

The toolkit contains a set of 30 best in class and proven tools that aim to trigger and support social innovation. Every tool has a concise description, a downloadable worksheet and some practical instructions to get you started. The toolkit is published under a creative commons license and therefore freely available online. Many tools also have one or more case studies that describe the use of them in the context of specific projects, organisations and cultures. 

The toolkit can be downloaded as a PDF. Over the years translations have been made to 9 languages. See below for the various options. The website hosted by Nesta, has recently been discontinued, but can still be accessed via STBY and Quicksand are currently looking into restoring the website.