This is Service Design Thinking

STBY was asked to edit the tools section of this first comprehensive book on the practice of Service Design. The initiators of the book, Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider, did a great job in involving many pioneers from the early Service Design community in contributing ideas and generally supporting this massive project. A big sweep was made to collect popular methods and techniques. This ended up in a huge pile of extremely varied input material. There was a lot of overlap, through re-branded and re-purposed sources, and the formats and level of detail of the pieces made it almost impossible to combine into a sensible set of tools. This is where STBY came in. We first sorted the pile in a long list of potential tools, and then organised a round of online voting in the community on which tools should be in or out. From this exercise we arrived at a short list that needed further editing, formatting, polishing and pruning. Thanks to our fantastic clients we were able to supplement the tools with examples from actual projects. Since the publication of the book in 2011, it has been translated in many different languages, and is being used by agencies, client organisations as well as schools around the world.