STBY’s Action-packed Autumn

From Service Design Days in Barcelona to a ‘Happy Pedestrian’ Conference in Amsterdam, STBY has a packed agenda for Autumn. Here’s a sweep of what we are up to.  

September 2018

‘The Happy Pedestrian’ conference in Amsterdam

STBY presented the Street Lab methodology used in a series of projects for several local councils in Amsterdam at the The Happy Pedestrian conference in the capital of The Netherlands. In these labs, a large number of residents could share their experiences, needs, problems and ideas. STBY moderated the discussions, using journey maps to document the most common scenarios of automobile use and parking in the neighborhood. At the pedestrian conference the process of these Streetlabs and the results gathered during the labs were discussed with city planners and policy makers.

Workshop at Minerva Art Academy in Groningen

Design students of Minerva Art Academy in Groningen participated in a Clean Energy Challenge workshop held by STBY, and organised by What Design Can Do. The 25 students in their 1st, 2nd, and 3th year came up with lots of creative ideas to tackle Amsterdam’s clean energy issue. A flower solar system in the narrow streets of the city, a permanent green energy exhibition, and rentel bikes that generate energy through cycling, were some of their innovative ideas.

October 2018

Service Design Days in Barcelona

Adapting to change is the theme of the Service Design Days in October in Barcelona. Following that; STBY will give a workshop about the transfer of fossil fuels to clean energy. It is a reality that we have to make a transfer from our dependence of fossil fuels to clean energy. How do we adapt to this? The Service Design Days 2018 on the 5th and 6th of October in Barcelona is a cross-boundary conference for entrepreneurs, managers and influencers who are involved in product and service innovation and the (digital) transformation of organisations. The event focuses on service design for decision makers and connects strategic designers with business strategists and vice versa.

Partos Innovation Festival in Amsterdam

Partos and The Spindle organise the annual innovation festival to highlight innovative ideas in the field of development cooperation. STBY coached the participants of the Spindle Summerlabs over the summer. In these labs, nine innovative ideas have accelerated that contribute to an inclusive, just and sustainable world. The participants of the labs will present their innovative ideas for NGO innovation on the 11th of October at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

Drive 2018 at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven

Drive is the annual Design Research & Innovation Festival for designers and researchers working in business, industry, and government. Drive spotlights state-of-the art research and innovations within the creative industry, spreading knowledge and creating interaction and dialogue. During the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven STBY will be presenting in a panel session on ‘Designing Innovative Attitudes’ in Natlab as part of the Drive 2018 programme. At the 24th and 25th of October presentations and interactive sessions will be held concerning the inclusive and sustainable society, addressing the following topics: circular society, healthy behaviour, resilience in society, energy & behaviour, personal experience and human empowerment.

November 2018

Innovation Conference Ministry of Justice and Security

The participants of the What Design Can Do challenge: No Minor Thing, will showcase their final proposals live, during the Innovation Congress of the Ministry of Justice & Security on 20 November 2018. To combat the largely hidden problem of sexual exploitation of minors in the Netherlands, WDCD in collaboration with the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Justice & Security launched a new, invitation-only challenge for twelve design teams and a design school. STBY did design research on the topic and wrote the brief, the starting point of the design process. At the Innovation Conference STBY will be present to see how the designers reframed the problem.

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