Design Driven Business Innovation

For the third year in a row STBY partners with Amsterdam Business School in delivering its Professional Post-Graduate Course for Design Driven Business Innovation. The course runs from September to December 2018, and is open for registrations.

The course is designed for any professional looking for new and creative developments in business, such as Business Innovation, Service Design and Design Thinking. The participants will have the chance to work in groups as well as develop their own individual project that will add value for their organisation.

The course offers a mix of hands-on exercises with tools and methods in collaborative workshops and the application of those tools and methods in each student’s individual project. The joint assignments during the sessions focus on real-life cases, so they can directly practice with the methods and tools provided.

In 8 biweekly evening sessions the course covers a diverse set of methods and models related to 3 main stages:

    Mobile Ethnography, Cultural Probes, Contextual Interviews, Shadowing, Service Safaris, Stakeholder Maps, Co-creation, Ten types of innovation, Blue Ocean Strategy model, Innovation portfolio.
    Customer Journeys, Personas, The 5 Whys, What If scenarios, Idea Generation, Story Boards, Design Scenarios, Innovation value chain, Innovation Stage-gate model, Collaboration for Innovation model.
    Service Blueprints, Desktop Walkthrough, Service Roleplay, Service Staging, Story Telling, Customer value & Value Proposition, Business Model Canvas, Scaling & Growth, Organisational Structure for Innovation.


For more information and how to apply, please visit Amsterdam Business School’s website for Design Driven Business Innovation

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