International Reach

Through working on projects with an international scope for over a decade, we understand the importance of balancing efficiency and elegance with flexibility and decentralisation when designing and delivering global products and services. As more and more organisations are catering for global audiences, the capability to recognise meaningful local differences and relevant global similarities is essential.

Across many projects we have contributed to the development of global research and design practices as a response to organisations’ need to understand where, how and why differences matter. This has resulted in the emergence of new organisational forms, roles, relationships and routines to ensure that global considerations are built in from the start of service design projects.

Although still a relatively fledgling field, global research and design is fast moving, driven by a range of pioneering agencies, designers, and managers working on a global scale. STBY is proud to be one of them.

For further reading, take a look at these projects and publications:

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