Embedded Innovation

As organisations work toward cultivating work environments that foster collaborative creation, we have encouraged research insights to be shared beyond product and design teams to inform more strategic conversations. Exploring how to foster innovation culture and enable design-driven innovation within organisations has organically become a key component of our work.

Service Design and Design Thinking have been embraced by a range of organisations seeking to become more innovative. From the early days of this emerging new professional field STBY has contributed to a growing understanding of ‘service design thinking’, and an appreciation for the potential that it offers a range of organisations.

The service design industry has matured to a point where the focus has now shifted from ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’. This has evolved to the understanding that to truly foster an innovation culture, organisations need to provide employees with more than just toolkits and sticky-notes. Increasingly, we help organisations with embedding service innovation skills in other departments and units than just design and product teams.

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