Agile Collaboration

We have always been strong in adapting our ways of working with clients and partners to develop more agile ways of working. Agility, to us, consists of key attributes: open, networked, reflective and flexible. 

It is, for instance, standard practice for us to open up our design research process to clients, inviting them to engage at every step of the way. We also like to be open about the way we work, by hosting interns and associates at our two studios, and frequently publishing thoughts and reflections.

We are networked in the ways that we think and work, being embedded in various industry networks of thought-leaders (e.g. SDN), and fellow practitioners (e.g. the Reach Network). We take the time to reflect with our peers and clients, through writing publications and hosting and speaking regularly at events. And we are flexible in our thinking, always up for new ways of working, through new methods, tools, partnerships and collaborations.

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