Training and coaching

We help professionals learn about service design and design research in different ways, depending on the needs and context of the learners. These range from senior-level courses focusing on strategic managerial roles to trainings that prepare participants to take on new roles or tasks within their organisations at an intermediate or junior level.

Custom courses: We offer training and coaching in various forms; from extensive post-graduate courses in universities, to in-house courses at companies, and individual modules focused on service design and design research. We adapt the level, intensity and duration of educational activities to the course objectives and learners, using suitable combinations of theory and application. In this way learners acquire maximum insight into the rationale of design research and the ways it pans out in practice. Sustainable change requires time and consistent guidance, so our teaching and coaching usually continues over a period long enough for participants to accumulate experience and build a craft.

Toolkits: There is no standard recipe for innovation, but certain ingredients can make your activities more effective. A toolkit is a collection of instruments that capture the experience, insights and methods of practitioners, in a form that makes them practically applicable in the context of use. This can be education, business development, or another field. STBY has developed several publicly available, and best-selling, toolkits. We have also developed a range of bespoke toolkits for in-house use by our clients.

Some examples of projects we’ve worked on:

Global design with local understanding

Innovation for culture in Mexico

Supporting inclusive business in base of pyramid markets

Learning by doing

Developing the DIY toolkit for social impact

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