London Design Festival: Research on the move

STBY is running a 2 hour workshop as part of the Service Design Fringe Festival next week at our studio in Shoreditch. Here we’ll explore visual methods for design research, building on STBY’s latest publication Viewfinders: Thoughts on Visual Design Research. Participants will be invited to play with different technologies and techniques (e.g. GoPro, Narrative Clip) to capture and communicate user journeys.

Limited to 15 participants, we’ll work in small groups to document, edit, arrange, and present visual design research. We will then critically reflect upon tactics and approaches for capturing everyday life in a visual and engaging way and the latest technologies used to do so (e.g. GoPro, Narrative Clip).

We hope this workshop will stimulate discussion around the added value of visual design research methods in capturing and communicating rich and nuanced stories and experiences. We also seek to encourage and inspire participants to broaden their tools and methods in their design research “tool boxes”.