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Customer Journeys for Government Communication

STBY was asked to share experiences of working with Customer Journeys at the Academy for Government Communication. This is an initiative organised by the Ministry of General Affairs, and open for all civil servants working on government communication. After a presentation of the key principle of Customer Journeys, small teams of participants practised creating a customer journey themselves, using the handouts and templates provided by STBY.

A complement to the workshop was the presentation of a recent Customer Journey project by our client at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland). In this project STBY helped RVO to improve their services for organisations that want to request dispensation for building in the natural environment.

The combination of prinicples, hands-on practice and presentation of a recent project in context, helped the participants to better understand the mix of theory and practical skills involved in creating Customer Journeys (what we sometimes call the ‘craft’ of Service Design). It’s essential to experience this, as Customer Journeys typically have to be crafted to fit individual cases and contexts.