Spring House – our new home at the waterfront

On the 1st of September STBY is moving to Spring House, overlooking the newly regenerated IJ waterfront in Amsterdam, just behind the Central Station. Spring House brings the concept of co-working to the max, beyond just offering a hub for flex-workers and start-ups. The four story building is fully dedicated to ‘Change Makers’, working together across the floors to dream, experiment and realise the change we want to see in the world.


We strongly believe in the goals of Spring House, and are very exited to join soon. More than ever before, collaboration is key to innovation. No longer can we address complex issues in society by remaining within our own disciplines. By working together, across disciplines, we can bridge gaps and foresee solutions for the world of tomorrow.

Spring House is an old warehouse transformed by the initiators Vandejong and Kennisland. They will be our co-workers in a mixed community of about 100 Change Makers. United at the Amsterdam waterfront, we aim to inspire each other, work together, share alternative ideas with a larger audience, and develop these into actions. Spring House functions as a catalyst, stimulating positive change.


Every floor in the building is set up for another mode of work, such as the hussle and bustle of meetings, or the more serene atmosphere of concentrated thinking and making. The ground floor of the building is taken up by the restaurant Choux, our culinary retreat during the day and open for public during the evenings. The top of the building has been extended with a magnificent glass house for workshops and project-related events, if you can keep your focus, as the view across the water from the roof terrace is breathtaking.


You can find us at Spring House from 1 September 2015 at De Ruyterkade 128, 1011 AC Amsterdam.


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