DIY toolkit – 1 year old

The DIY toolkit we created with Nesta and Quicksand last year has just passed its first birthday. And what a year it was! Since its launch the website has had 350.000 visits, from all over the globe (200 different countries). And 40.000 tools were downloaded. Every person who completed thequestionnaire about their usage of the toolkit said that they feel more effective as a result. That is a compliment we are very happy to take.

The key aim for the toolkit was to offer international development practitioners free online support for their work, and therefore to contribute to the impact of their social innovation efforts. According to the questionnaire 50% of the users of the toolkit are indeed working in emerging or developing countries, and 30% are working in the development sector or in social enterprises.

Nesta made this beautiful infographic that sums up the results of this first year of impact. There are also plans to further extend the toolkit with an online curriculum and with interactive tools in the coming year.