Quicksand Celebrates 10 Years

Our REACH partners Quicksand are celebrating their 10 year anniversary, and we wanted to congratulate them on these years of remarkable design research work and innovative projects. Their projects, such as Project Sammaan, tackle complex issues like sanitation systems in India’s urban slums, and approach them with an innovative lens using design research methods. By producing output like an open-source toolkit, they allow their work to scale up for others hoping to tackle similar issues.

In addition to their design research work, they play a major role in organising the annual Unbox Festival, held in Delhi. The festival aims to bring people together around design thinking and inter-disciplinary collaboration through discussions, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and more. The most recent Unbox Festival, held in December, included everything from a letterpress printing workshop, to a cycling tour of the city, to a Firefox OS hackathon. We look forward to seeing what they come up with for next year’s event!

Unbox Festival 2014