Well, Well, Well….CRISP magazine Issue 4

The fourth edition of the CRISP Magazine on well-being was launched at the Design and Emotion Conference in Bogota, Columbia and presented at CRISP Design Review Session in the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

A successful society is one where economic activity delivers high levels of sustainable wellbeing for all its citizens. Increasingly, the issue has being gaining prominence with calls to use well-being as an alternate measure of progress. This elusive topic, its role and link to design has been thus the key theme that the CRISP programme chose to explore in its current issue.

The Magazine looks at current developments in design for well-being and explores the different values that designers bring in and the various roles they can play in well-being: in healthcare settings, for prevention and to stimulate human flourishing. You can read more about the CRISP Programme here.

CRISP magazine 4