Learning by Doing workshop at STBY

Recently STBY hosted an intimate DIY session with innovation professionals from different sectors, as a brief introduction to the DIY Toolkit. The hands-on workshop served as an introduction to the toolkit by exploring a small selection of tools. These had been adapted to fit within the format of the workshop. The tools also served as a way of showing how the tools can be re-purposed and adjusted to fit within an organisation’s bespoke needs.

The DIY Toolkit had been created with the aim to secure the long term impact and change. What makes this toolkit special is that it includes tools that can be used not just during a project but in the very early stages of preparing for a project, or for the implementation of the results. This means often using the tools not just to address challenges in a project but as a strategic tool that highlights new areas of opportunities, challenges and measuring impact along the way. We used the workshop as an opportunity to explore and use the tools in this context.


One of the principles of a toolkit is to be able to pick a tool at any stage of the project and any purpose that feels relevant. We illustrated this by using an adapted version of the  Value Mapping tool for a quick round of introductions, which in the toolkit comes under the section of generating ideas. Later, we used other tools to explore how tools can be used and adapted in different situations.

The feedback from the Learn by doing workshop was extremely positive, with many professionals saying how they would be using the the tools in their work soon. All in all, we are very happy with how the DIY tools have again proven their adaptability & versatility in a range of contexts.