Unbox LABS 2014 is coming to Delhi

The UnBox Festival is an annual festival organised by our REACH partners Quicksand. It celebrates interdisciplinary processes and experiences that shape contemporary thought and action, bringing together creative, academic, and development professionals keen on pushing the boundaries of their practice. This year the theme running through the events is ‘All together now.’ The three-day festival brings together different formats – including panel discussions, interactive workshops, hackathons, culinary explorations, innovative exhibitions and performances – designed in sync with one another, with a focus on participation and incubating new projects.

Held in New Delhi since 2011, the festival is curated through panel discussions, workshops, labs, performances, exhibitions, community meals and excursions into the city, over the three days for a rich balance of the intellectual and the experiential. Participants from diverse spaces come together as co-creators rather than passive spectators.

UnBox Festival 2013 saw eclectic music performances – Carnatic music sung in Blues style, Bob Dylan with bhajans, New Culture Mashup that featured Bollywood kitschy visuals and live sketches done to the beat of the music – experimental and interactive bars where you could create your own cocktail, food labs, workshops where you could print your own t-shirt or learn how to make a city map or design an agricultural video game.

Unbox will be held in Delhi on 12, 13, 14 Dec 2014. You can get tickets by registering here.