The future is here – Wearable technology

STBY is always keen to investigate new and exciting themes , and what could be more exciting than wearable technology? Predicted to be worth 10billion euros by 2020, this is an industry still in its infancy but brimming with opportunities to be uncovered and explored. Some wearable technology can already be seen, shaping the habits of early adopters. The practices and motivations of these early adopters offer a glimpse into the future of this industry – if you look close enough.

STBY was commissioned by an international technology company to take a closer look into how people use current wearable technologies, in order to identify opportunities to deliver improved, differentiated, innovative and meaningful experiences in the future. In order to develop products and services that can survive in the market, companies have to deliver innovation that enriches people’s lives. The client team wanted to better understand the underlying needs & natural human behaviour that current wearable devices and related services are delivering, or failing to deliver.

STBY conducted in-depth interviews with early-adopters of wearable technology in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom. These interviews were analysed through design documentaries, and the resulting compilations served as immersion tools for a 2 day workshop with a client team containing strategists, engineers and marketeers. This workshop served the purpose of further exploring and iterating the insights into relevant opportunities.

By having an in-depth look into the experiences early-adapters, STBY provided a glimpse into how wearable technology can properly serve the mainstream public in the near future. There are many profitable opportunities to be explored by the companies who are courageous enough to tackle this brave new world, and STBY is very proud of helping to shape their radical innovations.