Design Driven Business Innovation

Following on last year’s success of the 8-week master course at the Business School of the University of Amsterdam, STBY’s Strategy Director Geke van Dijk was again involved as the co-organiser and co-lecturer for a second edition of this course in 2014. 

Together with Dr. Wietze van der Aa, Geke supervised 40 international business and management students who are all keen to immerse themselves in a more Design-Driven and Human-Centered approach to Business Innovation.

DDBI 2014 Philips HTC copy 2

 From early February and late March 2014 the students followed an intensive programme of lectures and workshops, while working in small groups on a specific challenge set by Philips. The high paced and collaborative approach of the course is exceptional for university-based education. As this is what most of them will encounter in their careers after graduation, the course gives them a solid heads up.

Among the key references for this course is the book ‘Designing for Growth’ by Jeanne Lietke & Tom Ogilvie. They introduce a useful 4-staged approach with well illustrated examples of 10 specific tools that can be used. The students can take inspiration from this, and also make use of a range of other references and toolkits.

In addition to the group assignment, based on the challenge from Philips, the students also need to write an individual paper, based on a relevant selection of the associated literature.

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