Interview in Dude

2015-11-16 11.28.31The latest edition of Dude (the Dutch designers magazine published by BNO) is curated by Ellen Schindler from Kossman.dejong and includes an interview with STBY. The interview explains the background and profile of STBY, and specifically zooms in on the global design research network REACH we initiated in 2008 to cater for our international clients. The interview, authored by Viveka van de Vliet, describes us as ‘world-class specialists in design research’, who keep pioneering at the forefront and are thereby continually shaping this emerging field of expertise. For our international portfolio of innovative design research projects we collaborate with our partners in the global network. They are all highly experienced and specialised agencies, strongly rooted in their local cultures and markets. This combination of  global understanding and local rootedness is an enormous added value to our clients. We are proud to be featured as one of the Dutch ‘Dudes’ working on an international level.

interview Dude