Geke speaks at ‘Flanders in Shape’

Geke will be presenting next week at the ‘Flanders in Shape’ in Gent in The Netherlands on 7th Nov. on customer-driven service innovation.

‘Flanders in Shape’ is a conference will have 9 female experts as speakers who will be talking about the user-oriented approach from different perspectives. You can read about the rest of the programme here:

Her talk would be based on the NS and ProRail case study that STBY recently completed. In recent years, STBY worked closely with ProRail and NS to jointly establish new services for rail passengers. During its development the central perspective travellers. She will talk about how the insights on the behaviour and the needs of travellers served as inspiration for coming up with new concepts, the design and testing of new services. Two working prototypes of new services have recently been tested in an extensive trial with travellers.