Geke speaks at the World Design Forum 2013

At this years’ World Design Forum on 18th October in Eindhoven, we are proud to have STBY ‘s Geke speaking on ‘Service Innovation  for Train Travellers’. This talk is based on the project STBY undertook for Dutch Railways and Prorail.

STBY has recently completed a large scale live test with two major service improvements on the Dutch railway system. NS and Prorail (the main train operator and rail infrastructure company in The Netherlands) have developed an app and a new led screen that provide train travellers with live information about the availability of seats in the train they are waiting for, and the actual composition of the train (length, doors, 1st/2nd class, bicycle and wheelchair access, etc). With this information train travellers can make a better informed decision on where to get in from the platform. During the 3 months test period many people have used these new services, and about 700 train travellers have regularly provided their feedback to STBY through online questionnaires and in-depth interviews.

If you are unable to catch Geke at this talk, you can still get tickets for GOOD 13 here