GOOD13 – The Great Outdoors of Design

Following on the success of the Great Outdoors of Design conference during the 2011 London Design Festival, STBY and the Reach Network for Global Design Research now organise GOOD13 during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, on 25 October 2013.

We’ve now updated the list of speakers and programme for the two days. Here’s the programme for GOOD Morning and GOOD Afternoon.

Please join us! You can book tickets for the morning and afternoon sessions through the GOOD13 Eventbrite page.


The theme for GOOD13 is ‘Changing Perspectives’

More and more businesses and governments involve design researchers to help transform their organisations from being internally focused to acting more collaboratively with their customers. Ten partners from the global Reach Network will come to Eindhoven to discuss how to facilitate these changes: locally but also globally in multinational teams. The conference brings together design researchers from around the world to debate how design research can help to transform public and commercial services. Building on the idea of the Powers of Ten, so beautifully expressed in a film by Charles and Ray Eames, the conference will consider global as well as local perspectives on our societies and economies in transition, and the strategic roles design researchers play in making these changes.


GOOD Morning: ‘Changing perspectives on empathy and participation
Design research is ideally a strong collaborative effort: An empathic conversation between design researchers, the people they recruit as participants and the organisation that is in search for a deeper understanding of the value and meaning it creates for people. Participants, and these may include the staff that delivers a service, shape the design research and are the foundation of what it accomplishes. Notions of co-exploration, co-ideation and co-design have emerged from many experiments around the globe and across decades. Has a truly global idea about co-X in design research emerged? What local approaches, from India to Russia, from the UK to Singapore,  inspire new empathic collaborations in design research?

The Powers of Ten principle combines a micro and a macro perspective on this topic. Through stories from around the globe and conversations in the room, GOOD Morning will explore what the co-X approach means on the ground while doing fieldwork and analysis, as well as what the implications for methodology and results are. What value is being created for an organisation by involving participants so heavily in design research? When, and how well, are participants able and willing to contribute? And most importantly: What roles can they play in the effort of an organisation to improve its services?

Anyone with an interest in engaging with the latest thoughts and views on global design research will find new ideas and great stories in this event. Practitioners, consultants, academics, students, designers, researchers, managers, especially early adopters who are keen to exchange their points of view with other thought leaders in the field, will all benefit by sharpening their thinking with important implications for their practice.

GOOD Morning takes place from 9:00 to 13:00. A range of presentations of international case studies will be followed by extensive discussions in small groups in the audience, led by the many Reach design researchers present. There will be 100 tickets available for this session, at €100 each. More information with a detailed programme and an option to register will follow soon.


GOOD Afternoon: ‘Changing perspectives on innovation and transition
In recent years, the call to innovate has been sounding around the globe as the antidote to slowing down economies and societies facing fundamental problems. ‘Innovation’ has become omnipresent and needs to regain focus if it wants to make real change happen. What innovation can global design research bring about? What local and individual innovations are created through design research, from Denmark to the USA? And how can large organisations and public sector institutions innovate themselves on a systemic level, from China to Germany? By connecting these levels, global design research supports a transition process that is human-centered and evolving towards positive and sustainable changes around the world.

Social and environmental responsibilities are now added to economic goals and have started to influence new products and services. What does it mean for companies to move forward towards being a more human and sustainable business? How do governments learn to collaborate with citizens in delivering services? What transitions do these organisations go through as a result? Their relationships with customers, citizens, patients, etc. are changing. GOOD Afternoon investigates how design researchers can partner with organisations around the world to create deep insights and then leverage these into meaningful transitions.

Senior consultants and managers within client organisations who source local or global design research as part of their daily work will have the opportunity to debate their experiences of going through systemic transitions with other experienced people in similar positions. Aware of the latest issues, and keen to get a better grasp on the pros and cons, participants will gain new strategic insights on the crossroads of design research and organisational change.

GOOD Afternoon takes place from 14:00 to 18:00 and will be run as an interactive in-depth workshop. The partners from the Reach Network will work with the participants in small groups to investigate issues around innovation and transition. There will be 50 tickets available for this session, at €250 each. More information with a detailed programme and an option to register will follow soon.


Side events:
GOOD13 takes place at Design Academy Eindhoven. This world class design school is the perfect environment for a global design research conference. Their young and ambitious team of design researchers will take part in GOOD13, and you will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of some of their current work.

As part of Dutch Design Week, the Design Academy Eindhoven is hosting their graduation show. All participants in GOOD13 will get a ticket to this show as part of the conference pack. Do take advantage of the opportunity to combine your visit to GOOD13 with a visit to this show. They are both in the same building.

Elsewhere in Eindhoven, a lot of exhibitions and events are taking place for Dutch Design Week. Make sure to reserve time to go and visit some of these. We will provide you with some pointers of people and places to note in relation to design research.

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