Service Design Workout #4

Can Service Design contribute to the assessment of administrative dilemmas?

On the 19th of June, join us in Utrecht (The Netherlands) along with Geke and Marie from STBY and Marc de Droog from the Bureau Integriteit  to discuss whether and how service design can help provide directions when faced with complex business dilemmas.

Key decisions and strategy in large complex organisations are often driven by the various perspectives and interests of the stakeholders involved. Faced with dilemmas, decisions are dictated more from the choices at hand rather than creating customised solutions.

This traditional cognitive thinking is based entirely on roadmaps that were followed before. In such a scenario, can a service design based approach with its ‘customer journeys’, interaction and empathy with customers offer a fresh perspective?

In today’s current climate of dissatisfaction with directors of financial institutions, housing organisations, healthcare and politics, there seems a need for a fresh approach. There’s a perception that management decisions are often made in isolation, without including key perspectives from different layers of society that are  in fact affected by these decisions. Could it be that service design with its inclusive approach offer a solution?


How to Register

You are welcome to join us on the 19th of June for the 4th in the series of such Workouts. Please note that there are limited number of seats to help have an intensive interactive session. Incase you would like to attend the sessions, please send an email to  along with a brief introduction and the relevant question/ statement you would like to add to the agenda. Here is the invite ( in dutch)


About the Service Design Work Outs

The Service Design Work Outs are an initiative of the Service Design Network Netherlands.The purpose of these meetings is to explore the space between the fields of Service Design and other sectors and understand how they can benefit each other. These are short, intensive two and half hour long discussions that have previously included speakers from real estate, education, politics, publishing and fmcg.

Date: 19 June 2013

Time: 18:30 (networking)/ 19:00 (programme start)

Location: De Ruimte, Oudegracht 230A a/d werf, Utrecht (

Here’s a map for your reference.


Geke van Dijk, STBY

Marie de Vos, STBY

Marc Fonteijn, 31Volts

Albert Gast, Think + Do