Minister Kamp visits the creative industry in Amsterdam

STBY was one of the invited leading creative companies to join the lunch and discussion with Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs on Monday 13th May. Ingrid Wendel, Senior Desdign Researcher at STBY, represented us.

Minister Kamp was in Amsterdam to sign the Techniekpact (Technology Pact), an ambitious agreement aiming to improve the alignment between education and industry. The Technology Pact is signed by government, education insitutions, and industry. Thanks to the recent strengthening of the Topsector Creatieve Industrie, the techniekpact has benefitted from specific input related to the creative industries.

To celebrate the occassion and to interact with representatives from the creative industry in Amsterdam Minister Kamp visited a lunch meeting at by THNK. As Amsterdam hosts an extensive and vibrant of creative industry, the minister was interested to hear more about the issues the creative industry faces in relation to the education of future employees in terms of creativity, technology and strategy.

STBY is involved in a range of collaborations with education institutes, such as Design Academy Eindhoven, University of Amsterdam, Technical University of Delft and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, and is always happy to share knowledge and experiences around this. Minister Kamp also expressed an interested in the field of service design and the challenges in this respect for the Dutch Government.

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