The Internet of Things seminar, 4 June in Eindhoven

On the 4th of June, the international seminar ‘Internet of Things’ is being held in Eindhoven at the High Tech Campus on the topic of ‘Smart Cities’, where Bas from STBY will be presenting a talk on the human side to networked devices in an urban context.

The second in the series of the such seminars, Bas will be joined by speakers from Cisco, Amsterdam Council and Connected Village Foundation who will present talks on topics merging knowledge, business, technology, services, creativity and social issues.

The emphasis of the talks will revolve around what is happening right now and in the near future in relation to ‘Smart Cities’. Discussions on how this is expected to develop and impact in the longer term future with focus on:

-Technology and Business

-Experience Design



The focus of Bas’s talk will be on  ‘People, devices and ecosystems’:

Many of our recent projects involve in some way ‘ecosystems of networked devices’. To really understand how smart devices (e.g. a smart phone, a bank account, a car, a lighting system) work for someone, you might also need to look at their computer, their tablet, their camera, their TV, their satnav, their heating system – the list grows longer by the day. With this in mind, STBY has developed various tools and processes that allow to effectively incorporate the diversity of choices, options, and solutions presented by smart device ecosystems into focused design research projects around the world. Bas’s talk will cover these elements focussing on the human side to networked devices story with a service design perspective.

You can sign up and read more about the event here.