Service Design in Practice

STBY is a proud contributor to the book ‘Service Design: Insights from nine practices’, that will be presented on 23rd May 2013 at a conference in Utrecht with leading speakers from industry and research.

The conference is the final event for the three year ambitious service innovation programme ‘Service Design in Practice’, funded under the economic stimulus ‘Peaks in the Delta‘ of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the municipality of Utrecht and the Utrecht province.

The programme is aimed to create an understanding of the future of Service Design in the Netherlands. It is focussed on research into the application of Service Design in the Dutch business community, within the framework of the program ‘Innovation in Services, Service Design in Practice’, specifically looking into projects focused on providing services around the new Utrecht Central Station.

STBY has been working alongside other organisations in the region including Edenspiekermann, 31Volts, DesignThinkers, Scope, Movares, H2O, ProRail, Hogeschool Utrecht, TU Delft, Service Design Network, and Taskforce Innovation Utrecht Region. A total of 9 nine case study projects have been completed over the past three years, and each one involved a close collaboration between service providers, service design agencies, and academic researchers.

The conference on 23rd May will discuss the results of these case studies and make the learnings available to a wider audience. This is also the purpose of the book that will be presented on the day. The conference is free, and you can register via the conference website.

Service Design: insights from nine practices

The publication was edited by the researchers who followed the proceedings of all the case study projects. It provides an inspiring and instructive look behind the scenes of some of Service Design projects, including two by STBY. The chapters reflect on the approach, experiences and lessons learned during the projects, as well as the broader scope of what happens from the start to the finish of such a project.

The book touches on issues like scanning for opportunities, focusing the project, searching for insights and inspirations, making decisions, managing expectations as well as preliminary preparations before even starting the project.