Our new London office



STBY London recently moved to a new office! As many people who follow us on twitter will have noticed, it involved a lot of nostalgic reflection on the past 5 years of working at the Fruit & Wool Exchange, and also a fair amount of excitement about the spacious new studio in Unicorn House. Luckily both places are only a stone’s throw away, so the whole move was done within a day.


In all the rush to get this sorted and finishing offf our project work before the Christmas holidays, we have not come round to sending out a proper mailing yet with our change of address, sorry. Nor have we organised an office warming party, so you have not missed it. This is all on the list for the New Year. In the mean time we wish you all a very lovely Christmas and a happy New Year’s celebration!


Our new address is now:
Unicorn House
221-222 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6GJ London UK

We also have a new landline number: +44 20 20 73 92 89 96

All our other contact details have remained the same (emails, mobiles, URLs, twitter,….)

If you’d like to come by, we are easy to find: 10 minutes up the road from Liverpool Street Station, just above the pub ‘The Drunken Monkey’.

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