Concept for dementia carers implemented

Zondags Wel in Valkenswaard

STBY, Waag Society and primary care organisation ZuidZorg developed several concepts with and for caretakers of people with dementia. One of these concepts has now been implemneted in Valkenswaard, south of Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

“Zondags Wel” (“Well on Sunday”) is an informal meeting place for caretakers and the people with dementia they take care of. The purpose is to offer a place to talk to and meet other caretakers and people with dementia on the generally quiet Sunday afternoons. It is more small scale than the well known Alzheimer cafes, and their is no intention to provide information on Alzheimers disease, unless explicitly asked for. STBY’s research and workshops showed there’s a need for this social contact, and focus on exchanging experiences, in addition to existing information-focused Alzheimers cafes. The meeting places are cosey and volunteer run. The volunteers follow a course beforehand and can get expert support if they need to. May many cuppas be shared in “Zondags Wel”!