Workshop at SDN Global Conference

On 30th October, STBY will be conducting a workshop at the SDN Global Conference 2012 in Paris on active data analysis and thoughtful reflection – addressing the continuous process of creating meaning from consumer behaviour research results across disciplines/teams.

The title of the workshop is ‘Listen/Look, understand -> review, understand more -> review again, understand better‘. Drawing on a visual data sample of some of STBY’s recent ethnographic design research projects, the session aims to engage participants in an example of recurrent investigation and deepened understanding of active data analysis.

The analysis of design research projects is often not fully exhausted after the final debrief presentation or workshop at the end of the formal project. The process of deepening insights and translating these to actionable results can go on within the wider organisation for quite a while. This further expands and deepens a more stretched out process of continuous internal reviewing and additional analysis.

The workshop is being prepared and hosted by a combination of people from the agency and the client organisation, representing the process and outcomes of the project from both the outside-in (consumer) angle and the inside-out (organisation) angle.

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