SXSW 2013

Please support our submission for one of the most exciting interactive conferences at the moment. We have an abstract up on the Panelpicker, which is now open for popular votes. If you like our work, and think it should be presented in Austin in 2013, please follow the link below.

This is the abstract we submitted:

Grounding innovation in knowledge about people
The use of ethnographic interviewing methods has grown from a niche research service to become the dominant approach for informing companies and achieving product/service innovation. However, factors that stem from a company’s structure, enabling processes, and decision-making culture, can create an unintended chasm between ‘new knowledge’ and ‘new product’.
Over the past two years STBY and Nokia’s in-house Design Research team have formed a significant new partnership that is reframing conventions about research practices which are faster, more accessible to non-researchers, and provide traceable outcomes to the client team. Together we found that the best tactic to engage design and business teams was to create descriptive rather than prescriptive design research outcomes – sourcing ingredients for the teams to do their magic. Curated short video assets with narrative consumer evidence allow collaborative yet grounded interpretation – a new way to bridge the chasm.

You can find more information and a video on the Panelpicker page on the SXSW website:

The Panelpicker will be open for votes until 31 August. From then on it is up to the conference organisers to make the final selection.